Research at the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that Trane’s CleanEffects whole-house air-filtration system is capable of removing more than 99 percent of the common flu virus from the air.

The Harvard research was performed in collaboration with scientists at Environmental Health and Engineering Inc. Because of the similarities among types of influenza viruses, Harvard and EH&E researchers concluded that Trane CleanEffects will remove more than 99 percent of other forms of the virus, including influenza types “B” and “C” and avian influenza.

The tests involved releasing the common flu virus into the air inside ductwork. The removal efficiency was calculated from the amount of flu virus measured in air samples collected before and after passing through the Trane CleanEffects system.

“By removing the vast majority of the common flu virus from a home’s re-circulated air, the average airborne concentration of the virus in the home is reduced, thereby lowering airborne exposure to the virus for household occupants,” said Dr. David MacIntosh, instructor at the Harvard school and principal scientist at EH&E.

Trane has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for the product.

“In a home with central forced air and a conventional 1-inch filter, the average virus particle would recirculate through the home about seven times before depositing on a surface or being transported outdoors. That’s more than enough time to breathe in the virus, and cleaning the air in your home is an important step to improve the health of your home environment,” said MacIntosh.