An Air Conditioning Contractors of America member had the chance to give his opinion on green building to Congress.

ACCA Government Relations Committee Chairman Ellis Guiles, from ACCA-member company Tag Mechanical in New York, was to talk about the job-creation potential of green HVAC systems before the U.S. House Small Business Committee July 10.

“Increased efficiency is the low-hanging fruit in the effort to reduce energy consumption, promote national security, and stimulate the national economy,” Guiles said.

An expert in green building, Guiles is the author of a contractor-focused book on the subject.

The ACCA has been lobbying Congress to expand tax credits for installing high-efficiency equipment in homes and buildings, saying it could save billions in future energy costs.

“Members of the committee are very interested in continuing to explore small businesses' role in this arena,” said committee spokesman Jamie Zapata.