The Airbor AB-4300-2R magnetic drill allows users to safely drill in hazardous environments. The motor and magnet of this portable magnetic drill are powered completely by compressed air - no electricity needed - allowing it to be used around water without fear of shock or blown circuitry. The fail-safe permanent magnet turns on and off by air pressure. In the event of a loss of airflow, the magnet will not disengage.

The Airbor drills up to 2 1/16 -inch diameter holes with annular cutters through up to 4-inch thick steel plate. It has a 10 1/4-inch stroke, and can also be converted to a standard drill press with a geared chuck adapter. With solid twist drills, it is capable of drilling holes up to half-inch diameter in structural steel and other applications. The Airbor AB-4300-2R is designed and built for heavy industrial use. It is lightweight, yet has a 1.6 horsepower air motor and its fail-safe magnet has a holding strength of 1,600 pounds.

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