The new Coleman Echelon hybrid electronic air cleaner is a whole-house air cleaner that combines electrostatic attraction and filtration across a media element to capture 97.8 percent of particles that measure three to 10 microns, according to the company. The unit’s patented technology creates an electrical field that ionizes the particles, creating a stronger attraction to the air cleaner media and increasing efficiency. The unit’s filtration performance equates to a minimum efficiency reporting value of 16. The air cleaner also captures 95.7 percent of particles measuring one to three microns and 92 percent of those measuring 0.3 to one micron, permanently trapping and killing bacteria and spores. A study conducted by an independent laboratory confirmed these results. Coleman also reports that the new unit eliminates the snapping sound typically associated with the electronic charge of particles, ensuring silent operation. In addition, maintenance features mean homeowners do not have to wash or vacuum cells in the air cleaner. Instead, ionized wires should be wiped and the filter media replaced annually.

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