Higher temperatures don’t have to mean workers get hot under the collar. 

Your employees and you should enjoy coming to work everyday - even when it's warm outside.

From an owner's perspective, this is the time to earn profits. This means that your employees have to be productive.

There is one part of productivity that often gets forgotten: attitude. Yes, the days are busy and stressful when it's hot. However, everyone should enjoy what they are doing and the work environment should be pleasant.

In positive environments, employees have a great attitude and are upbeat about what they do. They are thankful that it's busy and the days go by fast.

As the owner, everyone follows your lead. If you are generally happy, the work environment will be generally happy. Your employees watch your mood and react to it. You don't have to say a thing. They can tell by your body language. If you are stressed out, then your employees will be stressed out, too. Make sure that the office doesn't get filled with tension. If the office is tension filled, the field employees sense it and get stressed, too.

Here are four ways to keep a positive attitude when it's busy:

1. Make sure you're in a good mood. You should be happy that it's busy. You have more work than you have time to do. Be as productive as you can be. This sets a good role model for the employees.

2. Take time to do something different. The reason I say this is because if your mind is on something other than business for a few minutes or hours, you might be able to solve a business problem that you've been working on. Read a book, have lunch with a friend, play golf or go for a run. You'll be mentally refreshed when you get back to work.

I know that when I have an issue that I have to resolve, if I run on the treadmill for 45 minutes, I always come up with a solution. It may not be the ultimate solution. However, it's a starting point that leads to the ultimate solution.

3. Make sure that your employees take a break. Even though they are busy, they need to take lunch and get away for a while, too. Like you, they'll be more productive when they get back to work.

4. Have some stress relievers in the office and on the job. I recommend giving dispatchers foam bricks to squeeze, throw or simply laugh at when they get stressed. Laughter is definitely a stress reliever. Get some laughter in the office. You'll break up the day and give everyone some stress relief.

Keep a good morale and positive attitudes when it's busy. Your employees will be as productive as possible and help you earn as much profit as possible.