WinWholesale presented J.P. Lamborn with its Vendor of the Year Award. On hand for the award presentation was Monte Salsman (left) of WinWholesale, John Lamborn of J.P. Lamborn Co., Eddie Gibbs of WinWholesale and Kip Davies of J.P. Lamborn.

Distributor WinWholesale has selected J.P. Lamborn Co. as its 2007 Vendor of the Year for HVAC products.

Monte Salsman, WinWholesale chief operating officer, presented the award to the company at the 2008 WinWholesale annual meeting in Phoenix in March.

J.P. Lamborn supplies flexible air duct products to Winair and Noland Co. locations.

“WinWholesale’s Vendor of the Year Award recognizes the value a vendor brings to the partnership we have with them,” said Salsman. “We were very pleased to present J.P. Lamborn with the award for the contributions they have made to our successful relationship.”

WinWholesale considers a number of criteria in selecting its Vendor of the Year, including a commitment to working with WinWholesale to grow its market share. According to the wholesaler, other criteria include serving customer needs, providing training programs for WinWholesale employees, having competitive prices and a commitment to quality, service and support.