Fuel surcharges may become a permanent fixture for many HVAC and sheet metal companies, if the predictions in a recent Zogby poll come true.

Even as they complain as gasoline heads beyond $4 a gallon in parts of the country, many motorists are bracing themselves for $5 a gallon this summer, according to an online Zogby International poll of 7,815 adults. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they believe $5 will hit sometime this summer, and 93 percent say they are concerned about further price hikes in the next year.

Although they don't like the high prices, Americans may be resigning themselves to the belief that low gasoline prices are gone forever: 66 percent said they doubt the country will ever see below $3 a gallon again.

The result for almost half of Americans -- 45 percent -- is they have already cut back on driving. As for other ways to deal with the problem, opinions are mixed.

Most people -- 52 percent -- do not favor suspending the 18.4-cent federal gas tax this summer. The numbers are similar for initiatives to suspend state gas taxes: 49 percent don't want their state to cut its gas tax.

They do support, however, some controversial measures to tackle the problem. Fifty-two percent said drilling should be allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and 65 percent said oil exploration should be done off the U.S. coast. Many want more domestic oil exploration: 59 percent agree that most restrictions on the practice should be suspended to increase U.S. production.

When it comes to blame, oil companies are the biggest target, with 58 percent blaming them for high prices and two-thirds saying their profits are too high.