The Carbon Monoxide Safety Association has received approval of its combustion analysis and fuel efficiency course from the National Oil Heat Research Alliance.

The course addresses performance and maximizing efficiency, and is specifically designed for HVAC technicians, boiler contractors, service contractors, facilities maintenance personnel and energy managers.

The association says the course has a strong focus toward the understanding of combustion diagnostics and adjustments to improve efficiency, performance and reliability as well as troubleshooting and diagnosis of flue gas constituents.

All aspects of combustion from basic theory to verification of manufacturer’s specifications and advanced flue gas diagnostics testing are covered. Measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxides and sulfur oxides round out the dynamics of assuring efficient combustion. Controlling fuel, flame temperature, excess air and draft are detailed as the instruction directs each technician to maximize efficiency without sacrificing safety.

COSA provides on-site training to wholesalers, schools, manufacturers, utilities and other interested parties. To learn more about the nationally accredited combustion analysis and fuel efficiency course, contact COSA at (800) 394-5253 or visit