Natalie DeRousse (left), training manager for Johnson Controls-Unitary Products, presented Damon Halvorsen with a $500 Best Buy gift card. Halvorsen earned the highest combined scores during the territory manager training.

Several territory managers with Johnson Controls-Unitary Products recently completed boot camp.

But this boot camp had nothing to do with sit-ups and push-ups. The Basic Boot Camp was a Feb. 10-15 training program to highlight resources available to Luxaire and Coleman territory managers.

Those who attended the specialized program participated in a variety of learning exercises during the week, including a presentation by Gary Elekes, a professional business trainer and faculty member with Johnson Controls-Unitary Products’ Business Training University.

“We want our territory managers to become experts at explaining our dealer-level business and marketing programs,” said Natalie DeRousse, training manager for Johnson Controls-Unitary Products. “In turn, dealers will plan for and achieve success in their businesses.”

Participants spent two days learning about consulting when selling and understanding the HVAC contracting business in the areas of finance, operations, marketing and human resources. The classroom-style camp also introduced territory managers to Unitary Products’ marketing programs and the Liberties program, which provides additional business support, such as advertising and marketing materials and online e-business tools.

Damon Halvorsen, territory manager for US Air Conditioning in San Diego, earned the highest combined quiz and final-exam scores among territory managers who attended the boot camp. He received a $500 Best Buy gift card in recognition of his achievement.