Subscribers to Building Operating Management Magazine decided that this year’s Readers Choice Award should go to the birds.

More specifically, Bird-B-Gone Inc., a manufacturer of bird-control products.

The award is given to a business, which after having appeared in the pages of BOM, received the highest amount of requests for information by readers.

In May 2007, the magazine ran a product release for one of Bird-B-Gone’s latest additions, Bird Spike 2007. Company officials say Bird Spike 2007 is a humane and effective way to deter pest birds from ledges, windowsills, parapet walls and more. Bird Spike 2007 creates an uneven landing surface that will not harm birds or people.

Bruce Donoho, owner of Bird-B-Gone, said the award was “a testament to the need of such products in the facility management industry.”

In addition to receiving a plaque and official letter, Bird-B-Gone was featured in the magazine’s January issue.