Esab Welding & Cutting Products will manufacture and distribute friction-stir welding machines using MegaStir technology.

The agreement between Esab and MegaStir gives Esab worldwide distribution rights, except in certain countries, to distribute MegaStir-branded tools.

Friction stir welding is a solid-state joining process that provides many advantages over typical arc welding processes, supporters say, including lower heat and less defects. Friction-stir welding has previously been limited to low-melting temperature materials such as aluminum, brass and copper. MegaStir’s technology now expands it to higher melting temperatures such as those used in ferric steels, stainless and duplex stainless steels, and nickel-base alloys.

“Esab is very excited to be able to help expand the commercialization of MegaStir’s technology worldwide,” said Jeff Hoffart, senior vice president and general manager of equipment, cutting and steel industry products for Esab North America. “We believe this disruptive technology will change the face of high production welding, enabling companies to create high-productivity welds with exceptional strength and quality, with little or no post-process cleanup. Friction-stir welding also does not require filler metals or shield gases and will help manufacturers meet worldwide environmental regulatory standards.”