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    On a Hot Streak

    Las Vegas is a popular, if somewhat polarizing, tourist destination. It’s one of the world’s most well-liked vacation spots and
fights annually with Orlando, Fla., for the title of top convention city.


    However, some people are put off by the garish, over-the-top casinos, gambling and gluttony the city seems to encourage.


    Attendees of the International Roofing Expo are not among them. For the third straight year, the expo will be at the Las Vegas
Convention Center. The expo was originally to be Jan. 10-12 in San Antonio, but last year, organizers announced they were
keeping the show in Las Vegas and again holding it in February.


    “The attendees prefer that International Roofing Expo be held in February and continue to be hosted in Las Vegas,” said Bill Good,
executive vice president of the National Roofing Contractors Association, which sponsors and holds its annual meeting during the
event. “Attendees also prefer Las Vegas 4-to-1 over any other city due to the vast entertainment options, as well as affordable lodging
and dining.”


    This year’s Roofing Expo will be Feb. 21-23. Hanley-Wood, a media company that owns the expo, said exhibit hall booth sales for the trade show have been strong.


    “This promises to be another exciting, must-see event for the roofing construction and maintenance industry,” said expo director
Donna Bellantone.


  As in past years, the show will have numerous educational seminars, grouped into categories such as technical, general business
and money matters. Metal roofing will still be a major focus, with several sessions devoted to the topic.