Miller Electric has now added an auto-set feature to its 180-amp category machine. The company says that the new Millermatic 180 with Auto-Set makes it simpler to use. The Auto-Set feature was originally designed for the Millermatic 140. Due to a positive response from customers, it was added to the Millermatic 180 products. The Auto-Set is designed to work on mild steel using C25 gas (75 percent Argon, 25 percent carbon dioxide). The user then selects the wire diameter and sets the machine to the material thickness being welded. The machine is automatically set to the proper voltage and wire feed speed for the job. In the instances where Auto-Set cannot be used, the manual mode still exists. In manual mode, the Millermatic 180 Auto-Set is set up like any other MIG machine. The user sets the voltage and wire feed speed according to the provided parameter chart.

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