While contractors are aware of the 2010 deadline for R-22-using equipment, not many are switching to R-410A equipment, according to a new Emerson Climate Technologies survey.

The company recently surveyed 505 HVACR professionals, which included contractors and distributors. Emerson found that 100 percent of those surveyed said they are aware of the R-22 phase-out, however, only 13 percent reported that they are exclusively quoting R-410A-consuming equipment.

The survey also found that 69 percent reported that they currently quote equipment using both R-410A and R-22, and 11 percent are not even offering R-410A equipment.

The survey said that 40 percent admitted that they would wait until 2010 to convert their sales to R-410A equipment. The survey results also point to higher costs for R-410A systems as the primary reason.

“We’re encouraged to see such widespread awareness for the coming 2010 transition from the industry. However, the fact that 11 percent reported they aren’t currently selling or installing R-410A equipment at all tells us there is a lot of work to do to make sure that we, as an industry, are ready,” said Scott Barbour, president of the Emerson Climate Technologies’ air-conditioning division.

There were positive findings as well. More than half of the contractors reported that their technicians and staff were trained to support R-410A and the vast majority stated that they could easily find R-410A equipment. Also, 11 percent of those surveyed said their customers were already asking specifically for R-410A equipment.

Emerson Climate Technologies is surveying HVAC contractors and distributors to gauge their preparedness for the elimination of all new equipment designed for hydrofluorocarbon-using refrigerants, including R-22.

The 2010 deadline marks a major undertaking for the HVAC industry, Emerson said. For more information on R-410A readiness, including Emerson technical white papers, contractor checklists and more, visitwww.EmersonClimate.com/refrigerant.