The new York Affinity YZH Series 18 SEER split-system heat pump is the latest high-efficiency system from this company. The heat pump features complete system control and all models use a microprocessor featuring a demand defrost-control system. This system provides constant monitoring of the entire system for reliable operation. As a result, defrosting cycles occur only when necessary, and an adjustable balance point ensures supplemental heat is supplied only when required to meet the space load. The Affinity YZH Series also comes with features that help protect and troubleshoot the unit. In the event improper operating conditions occur, the unit will automatically shut down to protect the unit’s refrigerant system and switch to backup heat. On-board diagnostic LEDs will then guide the technician to the source of the problem and an output signal, provided from the control to the thermostat, will alert the homeowner. Units also use R-410A refrigerant.

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