The Fluke 566 and Fluke 568 thermometers feature broad infrared temperature measurement, as well as an on-screen menu system and a dot-matrix display. This enables users to take even complex measurements quickly, easily and from greater distances, according to the manufacturer. Both handheld thermometers combine contact and noncontact temperature measurement capability in one single tool, ideal for industrial, electrical and maintenance professionals. The thermometers provide a broad temperature measurement range from 40°F to 1472°F for the Fluke 568 or minus 40°F to 1202°F for the Fluke 566. With a user interface, operators can access advanced features such as adjustable emissivity, alarms and data logging via a soft-key menu displayed on the dot-matrix LCD screen. Both models include a K-type thermocouple bead probe, enabling users to take contact measurements immediately. The thermometers also are compatible with all standard miniconnector type-K thermocouples.

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