Johnson Controls employees Jennifer Yanavitch (left) and Ian Casper prepare a customer presentation in the new education center at the York, Pa., Smart Environments Lab, which showcases under-floor air-distribution systems.

Johnson Controls has opened two new laboratories to conduct research, training and demonstrations on York air-distribution technology. The laboratories are located in York, Pa., and Kansas City, Kan.

Engineers, contractors and customers can see how ductless, variable-air-volume systems operate along with the energy, comfort, air-quality and building-churn advantages they offer.

Both Smart Environments Labs use an environmental chamber, capable of simulating outdoor temperatures ranging from zero to 110ºF to determine how HVAC systems perform under a range of solar effects and outdoor temperatures.
The York, Pa., lab features the York FlexSys under-floor air system using integrated Metasys controls by Johnson Controls. The Kansas City, Kan., lab features the York FlexSys system and the York AirFixture Dual-Airway overhead-air system, all with Metasys controls. Both labs demonstrate air distribution through the use of time-modulation VAV.

According to Timothy Irvin, product manager for AirFixture and FlexSys systems, a customer conference center adjoins the 3,000-square-foot York lab, while a customer education space is adjacent to the 1,800-square-foot Kansas City lab. Both facilities are now open.

“Customers may choose to visit either facility, simply because it’s geographically closer for them. All visits, however, should be arranged through the nearest Johnson Controls branch office,” Irvin said.