The Big Ass Fan Co. has introduced the PowerfoilPlus, the latest addition to its family of high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans. The PowerfoilPlus uses hybrid airfoil technology that redirects airflow away from the floor, creating a more widespread air pattern capable of passing over obstructions. The company claims that the new fan can deliver more effective coverage where facilities need it most: on their occupants. Big Ass Fans’ in-house research and development team developed hybrid airfoil technology. The team ran the new design through a number of tests, including real-time simulations using computational fluid dynamics software, aerodynamics evaluations in their wind tunnel, and full-scale prototype runs. Instead of pushing air straight down, the upturned length at the end of the airfoil pushes air out at an angle. Not only can air moving at this higher angle easily pass over floor obstructions, but it also spreads farther across a space.

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