This company has introduced a heavy-duty resistance soldering system for soldering tasks such as large military pin connectors where the solder joint quality must be exceptional. American Beauty Ultra High Heat Plier-Style Resistance Soldering Systems provide instantaneous, localized heat from cold to over 1,000°F in less than one second, depending upon the application. Featuring plier-style hand-pieces, the heat is concentrated directly at the solder joint and these foot switch-actuated systems allow “cold fixture” setup before soldering. Ideal for soldering large single-wire terminations up to zero American wire gauge into terminal lugs, electrical splices, and multipin connectors, the soldering systems avoid heat damage to the wire’s insulation. Hand-pieces are lighter than conventional irons and are offered in a variety of sizes for confined spaces and special applications. The systems are priced according to the power supply wattage and hand-piece design. Literature and pricing are available upon request.

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