Dennis Chavours of Springfield, Ill., was the grand-prize winner in the Lenox “Hackman” Chopper Sweepstakes.

Chavours will receive a custom-designed American Ironhorse motorcycle that’s been designed and built to showcase the Lenox brand.

Throughout the year, Lenox collected more than 100,000 entry forms throughout the country. The sweepstakes also included 25 people winning $1,000 and 2,500 winners getting a special 25-pack of Lenox Gold reciprocating saw blades.

Chavours, a retired transportation worker, entered to win at the Fastenal store in Springfield, Ill., while still on the job. Lee “Hackman” Breton, who has cut cars in half and customized them for decades, handed over the keys to the chopper March 27.

“I’m ecstatic. I still can’t believe it,” said Chavours. “I have been affiliated with a local motorcycle club for more than 25 years, but with five kids, it was hard to find time to ride. Now I’m retired, the kids are grown up and I am ready to hit the road and thanks to Lenox, I will have a great bike to ride.”

“The Hackman Chopper Sweepstakes has been a great way for Lenox to celebrate Hackman and his 25 years of cutting cars,” said Bill Burke, Lenox president. “We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Chavours into the Lenox family and hope that he rides the Lenox chopper with great pride.”