Miller Electric introduced three new models: the Millermatic DVI2, Millermatic 212 and Millermatic 252. The new Millermatics maintain the same quality arc characteristics as their predecessors, but add several new features which the company says will increase operator friendliness, workplace convenience and productivity, such as the ability to roll, rather than lift, gas cylinders into position and to switch easily between steel and aluminum applications. Enhancements common to the three Millermatic models include an angled dual-gear drive system with a spring-loaded drive roll assembly for easy wire changes, toolless drive roll changeover, convenient drive roll storage and smoother wire feeding. Angling the gear system provides a smoother wire feed and will help keep operators from bumping into the gun. The welders also provide an EZ-Access consumable compartment and parameter chart, located on the front of the machine below the control panel for easy access.

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