This company has introduced new fin tube covers for any baseboard heating system. Arsco covers are pretreated, then powder-coated on the inside and out, for durable finishing that resists damage, chipping, scratching, fading and tampering, the company says. Arsco fin tube covers, up to 96 inches, are single-piece units that install over virtually any existing electric baseboard heater. There are no sections that can come apart and no need to snap anything together. They are ideal for new construction and remodeling projects in schools, offices, industries, hotels, churches, hospitals and libraries. The covers are manufactured in six standard colors, or unlimited custom colors, and three distinct grill styles: Grecian, cloverleaf and octagonal. They are available in any length, height or depth; floor-mounted or wall-mounted. Arsco fin tube covers can also accommodate any wall-to-wall, mid-wall or stacked baseboard heating system.

Arsco Manufacturing, 3330 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241; (800) 543-7040;