The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers awarded $86,000 in scholarships for the 2007-2008 academic year.

Twenty-one students pursuing courses leading to careers within the HVACR industry will receive the undergraduate ASHRAE scholarships

The Reuben Trane Scholarship, which awards $10,000 over two years, was presented to Luke Domermuth, a mechanical engineering student at North Carolina State University. The scholarship was established in 1991 when the Trane Co. started an endowment fund in memory of its founder.

The Willis H. Carrier Scholarship was awarded to Ashley August, an architectural student at North Carolina A&T State University; and David Yarbrough, a systems engineering student at the University of Arkansas. The one-year, $10,000 scholarship was established by Carrier Corp. in memory of its founder.

The following $3,000 scholarships are for one year:

• Brandon Boar of York College of Pennsylvania was awarded with the Henry Adams Scholarship. It was established by consulting firm Henry Adams Inc. in memory of its founder.

• The ASHRAE Region IV Benny Bootle Scholarship went to Clinton Canaday, a mechanical engineering student at the University of South Carolina. The scholarship’s namesake was a former ASHRAE Region IV chairman and regional director.

• Robert Shirley was the recipient of the Frank M. Coda Memorial Scholarship, named after ASHRAE’s former executive vice president. Shirley is a mechanical engineering and physics student at the University of Wisconsin, studying mechanical engineering/physics.

• The Duane Hanson Scholarship was awarded to Tanushree Thote, a biological engineering student at the University of Arkansas. This scholarship is named after the president of Gayner Engineers in San Francisco.

• Lisa Kallemeyn, a mechanical engineering student at Hope College, received the Alwin B. Newton Scholarship. The scholarship’s namesake was an industry pioneer who was granted 219 patents and strived to provide knowledge to younger people in the industry.

• The Donald E. Nichols Scholarship was awarded to mechanical engineering student Hannah Barger at Tennessee Technical University. The scholarship is named for a former ASHRAE vice president and a graduate of Tennessee Technological University.

• The ASHRAE Region VIII Scholarship was presented to Julius Morehead, mechanical engineering student at the University of Arkansas.

• ASHRAE scholarships went to Karen Bratsch of Winona State University, Justin Hill of the University of Alabama, Blaine Hust of the University of Minnesota, David Mutala from Oklahoma State University, Shou-Chin Tang at the University of Texas, Eric White from Southern Illinois University and Brittany Wingfield at Purdue University.

• The Memorial Scholarship was presented to Brian Coulter, mechanical engineering student at the University of Western Ontario, while the Association of Engineering Technology Scholarship was awarded to Timothy Cross of Black Hawk College and Michael Lowe of State University of New York.

• The Bachelor’s Engineering Technology Scholarship was given to Michael Kalin of Wentworth Institute of Technology. He is a mechanical engineering technology student at the school.

ASHRAE has awarded 148 scholarships during the past 16 years.