The ACCA has expanded its residential load calculation and system-design course by including training on the association’s Speed-Sheet spreadsheet software.

“The first subject covered is whole-house and room-by-room load calculations using” the most recent version of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’sManual J,which covers residential load calculations. “Attendees will know it inside and out,” said Jim Herritage, teacher for the course. “They’ll learn the principles behind load calculations and why homes become too hot or too cold.”

The next topic is airside design, starting withManual Sand equipment selection training. ACCA officials say attendees will learn how to select equipment based on its performance at Manual J design conditions for their area of the country, and how to derive blower cfm and available external static pressure. Duct design usingManual Dwill then be covered.

The remainder of the class coversManual T, room-air distribution, and grille and register selection.

“Students will leave the class equipped to design a complete system,” said Herritage. “They can get started right away doing system design when they get back to the office.”

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