Knaack LLC has made its Knaack and Weather Guard replacement parts available at distribution centers.

The company says that its most requested replacement parts for Knaack products include Watchman III and IV lock systems and Knaack tan aerosol paint. Popular Weather Guard replacement parts include Extreme Protection locks for various truck boxes, paddle handle latch and lock kits, vented fuel caps, striker plates, cables and blind fasteners. Replacement gas springs, and ball studs with nuts are available for both Knaack and Weather Guard products.

“We expect our Knaack and Weather Guard parts to last a very long time, but after years of wear and tear under the toughest jobsite conditions, occasionally some parts need to be replaced,” said Debbie Bergquist, associate product manager for Knaack. “It is reassuring to know that replacement parts are conveniently available if needed.”