The QwikDetector-HE is a new way to check for leaks in heat exchangers. Originally invented for U.S. Air Force fighter jets, the QwikDetector-HE has been redeveloped for the HVAC trade as a three-ounce aerosol can with a 4-inch long nozzle extension and 12-step illustrated procedure guide. The QwikDetector-HE can detect heat exchanger leaks due to defects caused by corrosion, expansion/contraction cracks, or manufacturer error, all which can expose house occupants to carbon monoxide poisoning. The spray’s patented formula is designed to penetrate a heat exchanger fissure as small as 24/1000-inch after only one five-second spray into a drilled 1/8-inch furnace plenum hole. A conventional electronic refrigerant sniffer used at the furnace exhaust point will then determine whether the heat exchanger is breached by detecting the QwikDetector-HE’s sensitive ether-based chemical blend. The process requires five minutes of preparation and execution time. Each container provides six applications.

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