The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council is recognizing ASHRAE for its educational efforts related to preserving resources. 

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers received a Best Sustainable Practice Award in the Educational Initiatives category, which recognizes the best products, processes, educational tools and outreach initiatives. 

The award centered on the challenge made by ASHRAE President Terry Townsend for a sustainable future. ASHRAE is using its own tools to provide cost-effective solutions in designing, operating and maintaining energy efficiency and sustainable buildings. 

“The sustainability initiative is stimulating conversation inside ASHRAE about what it means to be sustainable and the importance of protecting today’s natural resources for future generations,” Townsend said. “We are pleased to be recognized by the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council for our efforts.” 

“The Best Sustainable Practice category recognizes the excellent innovations and unique contributions SBIC members are making toward building a sustainable future in America,” said Douglas K. Schroeder, associate director of the council. “This year’s competition was exceptionally competitive, but for the second consecutive year, the SBIC jury recognized the valuable contributions ASHRAE is making to the buildings industry.” 

To measure its goals, ASHRAE has issued 35 specific “challenges,” ranging from a proposed water conservation standard, development of building performance metrics, research and design guidance resulting in net zero energy use buildings and “greening” of ASHRAE meetings. 

To generate member awareness, ASHRAE created a three-part DVD featuring a video of Townsend fishing with his grandchildren, which illustrates the importance of sustainability, a speech by Townsend, and a short video highlighting why ASHRAE is taking on this challenge. 

The DVD is part of a package from ASHRAE to inform members and the industry about the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability. Other aspects include a promotional slide chart explaining the benefits of such design measures, a Web site,, featuring sustainability guidance from ASHRAE, and more