This company has unveiled its new compact plasma cutting system, the Powermax30. The device is designed for on-the-job use with a variety of features. These include a tapered torch engineered to provide improved arc visibility and flexibility in hard-to-reach locations. The manufacturer reports that the 20-pound Powermax30 is compact and portable, and capable of cutting up to 3/8-inch and severing up to half-inch metals. The Powermax30 combines a 115-volt operation, with the added capacity supported by 230-volt input. The product is equipped with a new torch design for performance and durability. The small, angled retaining cap enhances the visibility of the cut and the ability to access corners, officials say. A post-flow cooling feature provides longer torch life and an interrupt feature automatically stops the post-flow cooling for rapid re-firing. Safety inter-locks deactivate the torch when consumables are removed. A built-in parts compartment keeps consumables close.

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