The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute has accepted the resignation of its president, William G. “Woody” Sutton. The resignation is effective at the end of February.

“On behalf of the ARI board of directors, I commend Woody for the advances ARI has made during his tenure and thank him for the contributions he has made to the entire HVACR industry,” said ARI Chairman Robert Wilkins.

Sutton was elected institute president in September 2001 following his retirement as rear admiral from the U.S. Navy.

During his five-year tenure at ARI, the organization made numerous advances in developing industry standards, such as expanding product certification programs. It also credits Sutton with helping to strengthen the organization’s state, federal and international legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts, as well as recruiting, training and developing skilled HVACR technicians.

“I am honored to have been able to contribute to the growth and success of ARI during my tenure,” said Sutton. “It has been a good experience for me to lead the ARI organization and to work with the HVACR industry. I am proud of our many collective accomplishments.”

Sutton has offered to be available to support the transition until his successor is named. Until that time, day-to-day activities will be managed by ARI chief operating officer and general counsel Stephen Yurek, and ARI Senior Vice President Mark Menzer.