Tom Bettcher (right), CEO of Climate Technologies, presented the company's 2006 Robert J. Novello Leadership Award to Randy Nielsen, operation manager at the company's Hartselle, Ala., plant.

Randy Nielsen, operations manager for Emerson Climate Technologies, was the recipient of the company’s 2006 Robert J. Novello Leadership Award.

Nielsen received the award during the company’s state-of-the-business meeting Oct. 23 in Sidney, Ohio. The award is given annually to one Emerson Climate Technologies worker, recognizing his or her leadership and dedication to the company through years of service and mentoring. The award also recognizes the recipient as an expert.

Nielsen began his career at Emerson Climate Technologies in the mid-1990s. Since then, Nielsen has led operational improvements at the Hartselle, Ala., manufacturing plant, including improvements in employee safety and communications. Nielsen also led Hartselle through extensive supplier and production changes in 2006 by maintaining productivity and morale.

“Randy Nielsen led an incredible transformation at Hartselle. He has a work force that is extremely adaptable and will do anything to help Emerson Climate Technologies,” said Tom Bettcher, chief executive officer of Emerson Climate Technologies. “Randy’s leadership has set this positive tone for the entire Hartselle plant.”