After two years of test marketing, Portland, Ore.-based Johnstone Supply has agreed to carry the Super Seal line of refrigeration sealants.

The sealant, manufactured by Cliplight Manufacturing, will be featured in Johnstone’s 2007-2008 catalog.

Johnstone will carry Super Seal ACR for smaller systems from 230 to 1,800 Btu; Super Seal HVAC/R for central air conditioning and other systems between 1.5 and 5 tons; and Super Seal 3 Phase for commercial and industrial systems over 5 tons.

The HVAC Super Seal line was developed by a refrigeration engineer, Paul Appler, director of research and development at Cliplight. The patented product is injected into the system and remains a liquid until it leaks out of an exit point with the refrigerant. Once it is exposed to atmospheric moisture, it crystallizes and seals the leak point permanently.

“Successful sell-through at our test stores not only proves Super Seal works, but that service techs want and need this type of product for non-repairable leaks in AC and refrigeration systems,” said Mark Westerback, corporate marketing manager of refrigeration products at Johnstone Supply. “This is a unique product that helps our customers get older refrigeration systems with undetectable or difficult to repair leaks up and running again.”

In addition to the 1,800-page catalog that’s distributed to over 500,000 contractors annually, Johnstone plans to have Cliplight’s free training manual and instructional point-of-purchase displays available at participating store locations to help promote the product.

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