Emerson Climate Technologies is reporting that its Copeland Scroll compressors are gaining in popularity and use in refrigeration applications.

The company says that many food-service operations are opting for refrigeration equipment outfitted with Copeland Scroll compressors because of the compressors ability to maintain more consistent temperature levels and to use less energy.

“With razor-thin profit margins, food-service operators are looking at every possible way to reduce costs. They’re paying close attention to energy consumption and are looking for new kinds of solutions to improve their bottom line,” said Jim Mozer, vice president of marketing for Copeland Refrigeration. “Copeland Scroll compressors save energy, but also impact the end-user’s maintenance costs due to the durability of the technology and its ability to handle the toughest applications.”

“Copeland Scroll lends itself to refrigeration applications because it’s more reliable and efficient than other compressors,” said David Benn, director of training for Icee. “With Copeland Scroll, we don’t have to worry about cleaning, noise or start/stop difficulties. As a result, we’re seeing significant savings in both cost and energy.”