While midsummer is a somewhat slower time for Snips, with most trade shows taking the season off, it should be prime air-conditioner sales season for many contractors.

I've heard several radio commercials in the Detroit area urging homeowners to buy now, before the worst of the summer heat arrives.

Of course, when you see this editorial, summer will be in full force, with 90ºF days in much of the country.

At least one ad I heard was discussing the federally mandated move to higher efficiency HVAC equipment. In the ad, which was written to sound like an interview, the contractor was briefly explaining the new regulation. He said that for many Michigan residents, it made more sense to buy a lower-efficiency unit now, while existing supplies last, since homeowners likely wouldn't use their air-conditioner enough to recoup the added costs of a high-efficiency unt.

I thought the ad was smart marketing, even if a one-minute radio spot isn't enough time to explain a complex federal regulation like the seasonal energy-efficiency rating. Obviously, he's hoping to pique interest in - and worry - enough listeners that they'll call. I bet more than a few will.

The commercial made me wonder how residential contractors are faring under the new rules. Do they have enough 10-SEER units in stock or are homeowners opting to buy 13-SEER equipment without much complaining? When Snips wrote about the big change almost a year ago, predictions were mixed (See "Changing seasons," September 2005).

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Letters: Likes magazine's new look

I have been wanting to send you a note to congratulate you on the great new look of Snips.

I know of the reluctance to change the format of something like your magazine, but I believe the changes really are an improvement.

Keep up the good work!

George "Butch" Welsch
Welsch Heating and Cooling Co.
St. Louis