Select Whirlpool refrigeration products will now come with fluorescent dye pellets and Spectroline's Optimax detection lamp and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.

WESTBURY, N.Y. - In an effort to help find refrigerant leaks, Whirlpool Corp. will now manufacture most of its refrigeration products with an internal fluorescent dye pellet.

Under-counter ice machines are the only Whirlpool products excluded from the new feature.

Installed within the dryer, the pellets supplied by Spectronics Corp. release a fluorescent dye that circulates within the refrigerant oil throughout the system as it operates. According to the company, most leaks will be visible when scanned by a Spectroline inspection lamp. The dye remains safely in the system for the life of the product to provide leak detection in the future if needed.

"We are very pleased to announce Whirlpool Corp.'s decision to install our fluorescent dye pellets," said Jon Cooper, president of Spectronics Corp. "Our engineering department strives to design top-quality products that help our customers perform their jobs more easily and more profitably."

Whirlpool recommends using two Spectroline leak detection lamps for best results: the Optimax, a cordless rechargeable LED flashlight or the Optimax Jr., a compact, battery-powered LED flashlight that fits in a pocket. Both come with special fluorescence-enhancing glasses.