Emerson Climate Technologies has announced that it will try to build better relationships with contractors by offering product education and support.

According to the company, by communicating with mechanical contractors Emerson hopes to gather feedback on products and services currently in development, and enhance current product knowledge in order to gain insight on industry trends and issues.

"Emerson Climate Technologies is focused on strengthening these relationships in order to provide contractors with the support they need in the marketplace," said Matt Brown, contractor support manager for Emerson. "Since this marketplace demands that contractors have a broad product knowledge, paired with insight and innovation, we need to do our part to provide them with the most up-to-date information on new technologies, product and services, so that they can continually provide outstanding service to their customers. Our goal is to create opportunities for these contractors to expand their understanding of the diverse Emerson products they work with every day."

As part of the initiative, Emerson has introduced a product brochure for mechanical contractors. The brochure is the fourth in a series of new brochures designed to help contractors gain a more complete view of the systems they are servicing, as well as the Emerson Climate Technologies products available for the industry.

Brochures were previously released for refrigeration contractors in the food service and supermarket industries, as well as for the industrial and commercial market segment.

For more information, visit www.emersonclimatecontractor.com.