This company has released a variety of new air-stop dampers, some with a gasket. The dampers are available in 4-inch through 24-inch sizes. The company's 6-inch damper is mounted with 1/4-inch diameter economy hardware. The Underwriters Laboratories-approved 1/16-inch Santoprene is sandwiched between two 26-gauge disks. The blades are also available in 20-gauge steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The 8-inch 20-gauge V-blade damper is equipped with half-inch round axels. The V-blade damper can be assembled with 3/8-inch square hardware or a combination of both.

Glass-reinforced nylon is also available for the axles rather than the zinc die-cast and cold-roll zinc-plated rods. The V-blade dampers with a gasket, consist of the Santoprene sandwiched between a 20-gauge disk on one side and a 26-gauge disk on the other. V-blade dampers larger than 10 inches will have a ring of 26-gauge metal holding the Santroprene. Dampers 14 inches and larger are available with a bull-nose perimeter gasket.

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