I’m still recovering from working on our huge 75th anniversary issue last month. The 172-page publication meant a lot of writing for associate editor James J. Siegel and me.

It was also a lot of work for the rest of Snips’ staff, especially art director Nicole Kevonian, production manager Karen Coppins and Publisher Sally Fraser.

But we were pleased with the results and I hope you were as well. We’re going to continue to celebrate our diamond anniversary with a special department, Turning Back the Pages, for the rest of the year.
Snips founder Ed Carter included the section for decades. It will have excerpts from years-old Snips articles that originally appeared in the same month as the current issue. For example, in this month, you’ll see news items from April 1944, 1961 and 1985.

We continue to receive letters about Edward C. “Nick” Carter Jr., the longtime Snips editor and publisher who died Nov. 5. We hope to run all of them, along with any letters about the magazine’s anniversary. Regular readers know I include my contact information often, but here it is again. Send them to: Snips magazine, BNP Media, 2401 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 700, Troy, MI 48084, or e-mail to mcconnellm@bnpmedia.com. Include your name and title, as well as your company’s name and location, and a way to contact you.


Helped create company’s first ad

My father, Mark Keymer, founder of Malco Products Inc., was fond of telling how he first met Nick Carter in the early 1950s.

Mark had invented a few sheet metal tools and was manufacturing them part-time in the basement of his home. Nick made a sales call at Minnesota Steel, where Mark was still a salesman. When Nick left, Mark followed him out to the parking lot, introduced himself and explained that he was starting a company on a shoestring budget.

While standing there, the two of them designed the first ads for Malco tools. Each ad was a tiny black-and-white drawing of a tool, and these were scattered throughout the magazine. This ad campaign helped launch Malco into a successful enterprise, and established a relationship with Snips magazine that has lasted for more than 50 years.

Gerald Keymer
Retired CEO
Malco Products Inc.
Annandale, Minn.

Thanks for remembering us

On behalf of the Carter family, I would like to thank the people at BNP Media for the time and space you devoted to my father and grandfather in the anniversary issue.

The sheet metal industry was an important part of the Carter family’s life for more than 60 years and the goal of my father and grandfather was always to produce a magazine that would help the independent sheet metal contractor be successful and that would help to improve the industry. It’s great to see the life’s work of two men receive the recognition you are giving it.

I wish that my father were still alive so that he could have contributed - he would have been able to provide you with so much more than I have been able to and probably could have related some stories that would have made for an interesting sidebar or two - and so that he could have had a chance to read it.

Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to contribute in a small way to an article that has so much meaning for the Carter family.

When my father sold Snips, he felt the Snips legacy, which in many ways was his and his father’s legacy, would be kept best by BNP and he was never disappointed. As Snips nears its 75th anniversary, I would like to wish you and BNP success in the upcoming years and thank you for caring for the “baby” that made its bow in 1932 and the legacy of my father and grandfather.

Edward C. Carter III
Countryside, Ill.

Misses ‘telephone buddy'

I would like to add a few lines about Nick Carter, the former editor-publisher of Snips.

Nick and me were telephone buddies from 1997-2005. He told me that his passion was a game of bridge, and he kept regular players on tap to keep the cards turning.

He mailed me copies of HVAC regional trade papers, which were interesting.
Nick was a good man to work for and his passing saddened me so much.
I would like to add that working in the sheet metal and HVAC industry was a highly enjoyable experience. I take this time to say “hi” to my former industry friends.

Bob Murphy
Former Snips associate editor
Oak Park, Ill.