ST. LOUIS - Several Copeland wholesalers were honored for their 2005 sales performance during the Emerson Climate Technologies National Wholesaler Conference, Oct. 10-13 in Palm Springs, Calif.

Awards were presented in two categories: Peak Performance and SystemPro. To qualify for the Peak Performance Award, wholesalers must meet double-digit growth in overall purchases, double-digit sales growth within focused product categories, and they must successfully implement a company-wide marketing plan.

The wholesalers that earned the award for 2005 were: Barsco, C.C. Dickson Co., Cleveland Hermetic Supply, G.W. Berkheimer Co. Inc., Illco Inc., Johnstone Supply in Atlanta, Johnstone Supply in Knoxville, Tenn., Key Refrigeration Supply, Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co., Refrigeration Sales Corp., Rodgers Supply Co., Tropic Supply, United Refrigeration and Young Supply.

The SystemPro Award is given to the wholesalers who sell the highest volume of Copeland's hermetic refrigeration condensing units per branch. This year's winners were Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co., Progress Supply Inc. and United Refrigeration Inc.

"It's exciting for Emerson Climate Technologies to see that so many wholesalers are committed as strongly as we are to our products and they continue to reach such high standards," said Mark Gibson, vice president and general manager of distribution services. "It is our privilege to partner with wholesalers who are as committed to excellence in customer support and product availability as we are at Emerson Climate Technologies."