ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The American Subcontractors Association Foundation is hoping to help subcontractors learn how to avoid the risks associated with waivers and releases routinely encountered on construction projects.

Tips and strategies for handling such potentially problematic language, as presented in an ASA long-distance-learning program, are now available in a CD-ROM: "Avoiding Death by Waiver."

The CD-ROM contains a full recording of the original program, which was conducted Oct. 11 as an interactive Web-based seminar. David Hendrick of the law firm Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Flatt of Atlanta presented the original program.

During the live event, participants watched a presentation that was broadcast over the Internet, while listening to the audio portion of the program via telephone. The CD-ROM captures both the audio and video elements of the original program.

According to ASA, the "Avoiding Death by Waiver" presentation provides construction subcontractors with tricks and strategies for recognizing and avoiding problems due to inadvertent or inattentive execution of forms containing waiver and release language. The presentation focuses on waiver and release of valuable lien, payment bond and claim rights by express language contained in contract documents and routine project documentation.

For more information or to order the CD-ROM, visit www.contractorsknowled