ATLANTA - A satellite broadcast will be offered April 19 by ASHRAE that promotes building "sustainability" as a means to provide a safe and healthy environment. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers will present information about building environmentally responsible or "sustainable" projects during the Web cast. ASHRAE's Chapter Technology Transfer Committee is sponsoring the program.

"This broadcast will benefit all of the team members involved in the design, construction, start-up and operation phases of a facility," said Jon Christopher Larry, chairman of the committee. "Viewers will be given information and sources to assist them when they are faced with the situation where a ‘green' design must be done. The green building industry will also benefit from the engineering input from ASHRAE."

The speakers for the broadcast include Joe Van Belleghem, president of Green Building Development; Hal Levin from Building Ecology Research; Jean Lupinacci, director of the Energy Star commercial and industrial branch; Kevin Hydes, president and CEO of Keen Engineering; and Malcolm Lewis, president of CTG Energetics. According to ASHRAE, the broadcast will be similar to its April 2005 "Mold in the Building Environment" Web cast, which was viewed by more than 16,000 people. For more information, visit www.