Tate has teamed up with Air Zone International to offer designers energy-efficient supply air products for under-floor service-distribution systems.

Air Zone currently offers three different air-handling units for under-floor air applications: the Air Column Unit, the Environmental Air Tower and the Dual Deck Air Tower.

“Teaming up with Air Zone to market its energy-efficient supply air systems for under-floor air applications is consistent with the existing Tate strategy to align ourselves with like-minded manufacturers whose products are complimentary to our raised floor and under-floor service-distribution components,” said Ralph Mannion, general manager of Tate. “This allows us to both broaden our suggested solutions and reinforce the position of under-floor service distribution as one of the key components of high performance and sustainable commercial office buildings.”

Under the agreement, Tate will serve as Air Zone International’s marketing partner in locations where Air Zone did not have existing representation. The new territory covers all of Canada and much of the United States including the Southeast and the West Coast.

Air Zone officials say the products are designed to incorporate direct-drive plenum fans, which when properly selected, are more efficient than standard air-handling products. The Air Zone units are also designed for quiet operation that is nonintrusive to adjacent work areas. They are independently tested to guarantee a noise criteria sound level of 40.

The manufacturer also claims that the compact vertical footprint helps developers maximize revenues from the net useable square footage paid by tenants.

“Our products are a great fit for Tate and the green building solutions it provides to its customers,” said Andy Bergman, vice president of sales and marketing for Air Zone International. “The under-floor service distribution systems Tate manufactures contribute significantly toward the construction of high performance buildings. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to pair those solutions with air-handling systems like ours, which can further augment energy savings, indoor environmental quality and the reduction of materials and resources.”

Air Zone’s Air Column Unit is a compact air handler that can supply conditioned air into a raised floor plenum. All units come with a direct-drive plenum fan, a high-efficiency low speed motor, MERV-13 filters and variable-frequency drives. The Environmental Air Tower is an air column unit, which is also equipped with either a chilled-water or direct-expansion coil and a return air bypass damper, allowing for primary cooling at the unit. The Dual Deck Air Tower by Air Zone takes the Environmental Air Tower a step further, allowing for two separate air streams to treat the perimeter and the raised floor plenum.