Bob Dwyer (in front) taught a carbon monoxide safety-training course Dec. 6 to 30 RSES members from the San Antonio chapter.

Bob Dwyer of the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association conducted a seminar Dec. 6, 2008, to prepare RSES members for a carbon monoxide safety exam.

Thirty members of the San Antonio chapter of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society attended the event.

The attendees went through discussions about the prevalence of carbon monoxide hazards as they relate to their businesses and to their personal lives.

Nearly half took the HVAC Excellence carbon monoxide inspector certification exam at the end of the class. The participants who needed North American Technician Excellence classroom credits were also recorded.

The course began with a viewing of recent news articles relating deaths from carbon monoxide that occurred in Aspen Colo., and the poisonings that took place all within the week before the class in Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Utah, West Virginia, Maryland, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

The deaths of 11 schoolchildren in China were also noted.

“Carbon monoxide death and poisoning happens almost every day somewhere,” said Bob Dwyer, instructor of the course. “Even though it may not happen in ‘our’ town, carbon monoxide poisoning never takes a day off.”

He also notes that every household and business should have a carbon monoxide alarm, but warned standards do not require warning devices at low levels “that are harmful to infants and adults with respiratory and heart conditions may not ever be detected by these alarms under these standards. Better protection is available and required for vulnerable populations.”

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