The GR-8 duct reflective insulation was specifically developed to address new code requirements that demand a thermal resistance of R-8 around HVAC ducts. The product is Class 1/Class A in accordance with fire test standards. TVM’s GR-8 is comprised of a polyester-based thermal insulating core, sandwiched between two highly reflective aluminum facings. When installed correctly, the manufacturer says GR-8 can achieve an R-8 rating around ducts using a minimal amount of space. The company also says the product can reflect up to 96 percent of radiant heat transfer, reducing heat loss from duct work and increasing the overall energy efficiency of the HVAC system. In addition to providing thermal resistance, GR-8 duct can reduce the risk of condensation on a duct’s surface by providing an effective thermal break. This insulating product is an approved vapor barrier, and can be used in temperatures ranging from minus 50°F to 180°F.

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