The SOX2, a combustion check stand-alone tool provides combustion testing. It measures flue gas, temperature, and calculates carbon dioxide and excess air. The SOX2 tests the three most common fuel types for residential and light commercial combustion equipment: natural gas, oil No. 2 and propane. The SOX2 switches between fuel types with the push of a button. The differentiation between fuel types provides a more accurate calculation of carbon dioxide. It also measures percent of oxygen and stack temperature by inserting the included pump and ATBF1 high-temperature thermocouple into the flue. Then it calculates the resulting percent carbon dioxide and excess air present during combustion. The H/Min/Max button holds the minimum, maximum or current reading so the technician doesn’t have to keep his eye on the meter all the time. Other features include a bright blue backlight that helps the technician easily read the display in poorly lit areas.

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