CLEVELAND - The Lincoln Electric Co. has introduced a new two-year extended warranty program.

The program extends the company's factory three-year warranty to five full years for welding machines, wire feeders and plasma cutters.

According to the manufacturers, new and existing customers who have purchased qualifying products in the past year can enroll in the program. They will have no out-of-pocket repair costs for the life of the extended warranty. Parts and labor will be fully covered, including nationwide coverage for all repair work.

Products available for extended warranty coverage include stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, multiprocess welders, engine-driven welders, wire-feeder welders, semiautomatic wire feeders, automatic wire feeders, robotic/automatic systems and plasma-cutting systems. Extended warranty coverage costs will vary depending on the product.

Customers interested in registering their products for the extended warranty program can complete an application at their local distributor. To find the nearest distributor, customers can visitwww.lincolnelectric.comand click on "Where To Buy."