Since more manufacturers build air-conditioning equipment using R-410A, Sid Harvey Industries is offering a training course on the refrigerant.

According to the wholesaler, the R-410A certification program aims to help contractors and technicians understand the safe handling, proper charging, operating characteristics and proper use of this refrigerant.

Sid Harvey Industries also said that there are specific R-410A issues that contractors must remember. For example, R-410A can only be used in equipment designed and constructed for it. It cannot be retrofitted from R-22 systems. Also, R-410A operates at considerably higher pressures and requires the use of special tanks, gauges and recovery equipment.

Finally, the wholesaler reports that all refrigerant flow controls, valves and driers have changed and must be properly applied with newly designed and built compressors.

Those who pass the certification test will receive a wall certificate, a wallet-sized certification and an embroidered shoulder patch from the AC&R Safety Coalition.

To learn more about the transition to R-410A and the safety training offered by Sid Harvey Industries, contact your local branch or