NORMAN, Okla. - Source 1 is offering its distributors a monthly specials program, which provides marketing materials and featured products.

According to officials from Source 1, the aftermarket division of the York Unitary Products Group, the monthly specials program supports the Ideal Store, a program that provides HVAC parts distributors with a common look to promote and merchandise parts for the Luxaire, Coleman and York equipment lines.

"In the past, we came up with our own gimmicks and programs to increase business, but it hasn't always been easy, especially during the summer months, when we're really busy," said Bob Pirisino, parts manager for United Products Distributor in Baltimore. "Now, we let Source 1 do all the work. They come up with the program and all we have to do is activate it. It's become a useful tool for us, helping to initiate conversations with our customers. In fact, even in those cases when a customer isn't interested in the product, the incentives or the signs at least get them talking with us and may lead to the sale of a different product that might meet their immediate needs better."

The monthly specials kit offers distributors a complete marketing program, including customized postcards, hanging signs, promotional stands and lighted signs.

"We encourage our Source 1 distributors to purchase the complete kit. However, we know that some of our smaller distributors may not be in the position to do so," said Renae Turnbaugh, Source 1 marketing manager. "That's why we enable distributors to purchase just those pieces of the program that make sense for them, based on their size and their needs."

According to Turnbaugh, "Product promotions and supporting collateral materials give a retail look and feel to our distributors' stores. The fact that the promotions and premiums change every other month means the message to our customers also changes, keeping stores fresh and offering contractors and dealers new incentives to purchase their parts from a Source 1 distributor."