A $180,000 grant on behalf of the Sheet Metal Workers union will be used to establish standard construction industry terms.

Union President Michael Sullivan presented the grant money in April to Mike Owens, president of the Construction Specifications Institute, for the Construction Taxonomy Project. The project will initiate a partnership between the National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies and CSI.

The Construction Taxonomy Project hopes to create a standard list of terms that everyone can use, officials said.

"Mike Owens and I have a similar vision - that in order for this country's construction industry to remain the greatest provider of quality construction, our respective organizations must become conduits to facilitate a more efficient and productive construction process. Currently, no such definitive lexicon exists for the construction industry," said Sullivan.

According to the energy center, standard terminology will assist the industry in the process of coordinating documents and transmitting information required in construction activity. The project will continue to adapt by defining new terms as they arise.