Anron Heating & Air Conditioning, Sheet Metal, Service, recently produced ductwork for a modern light rail station.

L-r: Sheet Metal Local 28 business agent Andy Turturro; Anron v.p. and shop superintendent Randy Buchter; Anron president Ronald Spinelli; Local 28 president John Harringon, Anron job foreman Russel Mingal; and Anron project manager Edward Allen III.
Anron Heating & Air Conditioning, Sheet Metal, Service, N. Babylon, N.Y., recently produced ductwork in its Local 28 shop for a modern light rail station at Kennedy Airport, Jamaica Queens, New York. The ductwork actually has two purposes: to provide heating and air conditioning for the station, as well as an architectural feature.

According to Anron President Ronald Spinelli, "This is the only duct of its kind that we know of. If you look closely at the picture, the ductwork is smooth on the outside with the ribs being on the inside. All of this duct is acoustically lined with 1-in. Linacoustic Duct Liner."

There are nine light rail stations that connect the new main Jamaica train station and the subway station at Howard Beach with the various inner loop stations that include long term parking, Federal Circle, British Airlines, American Airlines, TWA, Delta, Toga, Howard Beach and Jamaica Station.