DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society announced the names of certificate member and certificate-member specialists awarded in December.

Darin P. Gador, Grand Forks, N.D.; Michael L. Eyer and Matthew M. Truttman, both of Belleville, Ill.; Tracy G. Guptill, Rapid City, S.D.; Charles A. Adams, Charles E. Constant, Nicholas E. Constant and James F. Devaney, all of Philadelphia; Shawn P. Masterson, Phoenix; Didier B. Gonnet, Michael Q. Havnar, William D. Seekins and Samuel K. Shimp, all of Portland, Ore.; Donald R. Ford and Andy Schoen, both of St. Louis; and Merl D. Bennett of Gulfport, Miss., were named certificate members.

D. Brian Baker of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was named a certificate-member specialist.